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Tony Tenser: movie distributor and producer whom dubbed Bardot a ‘sex kitten’

Tony Tenser: movie distributor and producer whom dubbed Bardot a ‘sex kitten’

Samuel Anthony Tenser, movie producer: created London 10 August 1920; 3 times hitched (four young ones); died 5 December 2007

The producer and supplier Tony Tenser is many connected with British intercourse and horror movies regarding the Fifties and Sixties. a character that is jovial had been blatantly commercially driven, he stated, “I would personally instead be ashamed of a movie that has been earning money than pleased with a movie that has been losing it.”

He had been described with a few justification by the author David McGillivray as “the Irving Thalberg associated with exploitation movie”, but he additionally produced two films considered to be classics, Roman Polanski’s chilling psychological thriller Repulsion and Michael Reeves’s trendy horror movie Witchfinder General. a previous publicist, he additionally had been mainly in charge of the first success in britain of Brigitte Bardot, for who he coined the description “sex kitten”.

In a time whenever strict censorship was gradually being eroded the father Chamberlain’s authority to censor or totally ban plays had been challenged because of the development of club theatres to stage such works as Cat for a Hot Tin Roof as well as the kid’s Hour, plus the guide Lady Chatterley’s Lover survived a notorious court situation Tenser had been the first to ever start a personal club cinema to exhibit uncensored movies.

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The son of Lithuanian-Jewish immigrants, Tenser was created in 1920 in Shoreditch, eastern London. He served when you look at the RAF as a fix professional throughout the World that is second War developing their flair for promotion while serving whilst the supervisor of an ABC cinema. Continue reading