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Admission Results Can Need Daunting Choices

Admission Results Can Need Daunting Choices

It has been a week that is amazing! The Great College Admissions Scandal of 2019 broke this morning — the period that is annual of decisions — and stones on . A college that is historic confidential thread, now approaching 3,000 (!) articles, has analyzed every part with this ‘pay to relax and play’ fiasco, from both a parent’s and student’s perspective.

Of course the media are having a field with all of this, too day. In reality, it is unusual that you can click a news site, even now, without seeing some form of story for this scandal. Students are suing universities, parents are suing universities, universities are rescinding admissions, etc. It’s really a advanced schooling three-ring circus.

Plus, the timing could not become more perfect, or awful, according to which part you are on. A few weeks, the Ivy League springtime choices will come away, along side those of other so-called ‘elite’ schools. These ‘elites’ are at the scandal’s bullseye. Hence, one metaphor that is possible in a few days’s pending decisions might be that of a rocket on the launch pad with its machines pre-ignited, ready for the shackles holding it back to release and allow liftoff.

The metaphorical liftoff will end up being the filing of lawsuits from elite applicants who are denied. I am sure universities throughout the land, both elite and non-elite (whatever those expressions suggest, if such a thing), are steeled for the blowback from refu Continue reading