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The Bakers’ attorney describes Hannah as a ‘beautiful, innocent, delicate woman who was simply bullied to death’.

The Bakers’ attorney describes Hannah as a ‘beautiful, innocent, delicate woman who was simply bullied to death’.

Episode 2 – Courtney’s Testimony

Parents and caregivers have to know: Hannah seems the very first time and just Clay can easily see her. This episode features intimidation and bullying(e.g. Jessica gets another message that is threatening her locker, “keep your fucking mouth shut”), intercourse sources and conversation about incidences of intimate physical violence from Season 1.

Courtney is obligated to turn out as a lesbian in the stand and voiceover of her testimony talks in regards to the effectation of rumours at senior school defining who you really are as an individual. Skye tries to provide Clay a handjob beneath the dinning table right in front of their moms and dads. Later on, they battle about that.

By the end associated with the episode, Skye is recinded within an ambulance, the implication being she’s self-harmed. Her mom informs Clay Skye is not upset, she’s sick. Somebody will leave a paper target covered in bullet holes in Alex’s letterbox. It states “better luck next time”.

Episode 3 – Jessica’s testimony

Parents and caregivers must know: we come across brief flashbacks to Jessica’s rape from Season 1. Bullying and intimidation carry on. There’s an assault plus some medication usage. Within the medical center, Skye and Clay discuss Skye’s illness and she informs him she will not comprehend her own behaviour but she loves Clay for attempting to assist her. She breaks up with him. Clay continues to talk to Hannah. Jessica’s testimony explores exactly just how difficult its to become a teenage woman, become judged by the manner in which you look and what individuals read about you. She claims the institution could be trusted to n’t help whenever girls had been slut-shamed or bullied. Jessica is pressured by Clay to be honest about Bryce raping her in the stand but this woman isn’t prepared. Someone posts photos of Jessica in her own classroom that express “who would believe a slut that is drunk” Jessica points out that Hannah is actually on test, she’s the ‘ideal target’ and individuals still don’t think her. Continue reading